Marine Support Thames (MST) Ltd can successfully offer practical solutions to pending River and Marine projects in conjunction with offering new solutions for works that are already underway. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in navigational demands, our skilled team can assist you in determining the most successful, convenient and cost effective way for your project to begin, move forward and acheive completion.

MST Ltd operates out of London on the river Thames, its tributaries & the Medway and our primary function is specialist Vessel and Barge Hire. We also have extensive experience, knowledge and expertise to advise on multiple areas of marine operation and we offer a range of services from Project Management and Film & Photography Solutions to Towage to the short and long term Workboats , Safety Vessels and Barge & Crew Hire from our diverse and comprehensive fleet; where we have a wide variety of Tugs, Safety Boats, Workboats & Barges all available to fill wide ranging applications & projects to suit your individual needs.

Both Managing Directors have over 20 years experience on the River Thames, Medway and Costal areas, and are on hand to personally consult on each project to suit your individual needs. Additionally, full project management consultancies can be arranged and MST Ltd can provide any out sourced expertise required for your project at an added negotiated cost.

For more information on one, or more, of our services please follow the links provided. For any questions and queries or if you would like a competitive quotation or more information on any of our services or our fleet then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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